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Pictures of sharing

Sharing is difficult for two-year olds. Sometimes it goes real good as well as sometimes it doesn't. Here are or thus pics of our toddlers playing together the other night.

They convey a difficult fourth dimension pedaling the tricycle. O was pulling it along field C pedaled. They both had fun doing this for a long while... until O wanted a plow on the tricycle.

I wrangled C off the tricycle, explaining it was forthwith O's turn. C cried as well as cried. O cried because he idea C wasn't getting off fast enough. After a duet minutes of chaos, things in conclusion settled down. O realized he was getting a plow on the tricycle as well as C idea it was fun to sit down on the dorsum as well as force the tricycle along.

This was fun for O for, like, 2 minutes.

Then O didn't intend it was fun anymore as well as wanted C off.

Neither of them recovered subsequently this meltdown. O even thus wanted his turn. C wanted to sit down on the back. I couldn't achieve a compromise…
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Toddler beds in addition to babe gates

We only transitioned our 26-month former twins to toddler beds.

I posted a weblog almost the start fourth dimension our twin toddlers slept inward a existent bed, which happened to live on a identify unit of measurement opor-garai (read "Impossible"). They had genuinely been climbing out of Pack'n'Plays long before that. Before they were only climbing inward as well as out of each other's Pack'n'Plays during our visits to my parents' house. The room they slumber inward at that spot has round out door knobs, non handles similar where nosotros stayed on vacation, as well as they didn't realize they could escape. I would only overly babe proof the room they slept inward at my parents' theatre as well as pray that they didn't apply this demeanour i time nosotros got abode to their cribs.

When nosotros got abode from our identify unit of measurement vacation, they did brand the connectedness that since they could climb inward as well as out o…

Why create I feed our toddlers?

Today every bit I was scraping ANOTHER plate of nutrient into the trash can, I thought, "Why create I fifty-fifty brand the toddlers plates of food?" So hither nosotros go!

10 reasons why I brand our toddlers plates of food:

1. I worry that they accept run out of things to throw together with similar to render them alongside materials.

2. We similar to "pretend" lunch. Oh, look, hither is a plate of nutrient for you lot to pretend to eat! Wasn't that fun?

3. It is a habit together with sometime habits boot the bucket hard. For some reason, I only can't halt setting out a plate for each of them that I together with hence rank nutrient on.

4. I bask doing dishes.

5. I bask scrubbing mashed sweetness potatoes out of the cracks of the high chairs.

6. I bask the afterwards breakfast bathroom to instruct syrup from the "pancake hats" out of their hair.

7. The Canis familiaris is hungry together with the alone agency for him to consume is seize alongside…

Asthma, STA-21, commissioning, in addition to PCSing-- Yikes!

Are you lot there, blog? It's me, Kimber.

It has been awhile since my concluding weblog post service in addition to what a summertime it has been!

Our asthmatic toddler had a flair upward 3 weeks after nosotros weaned him off Pulmicort nether our doctor's guidance. He hadn't had whatever flair ups in addition to nosotros wanted to meet if he even then needed daily medication inward the summertime months, equally he is two-years one-time in addition to is even then considered to get got "reactive airways." He caught croup which became bronchitis. We landed inward the ER, next upward alongside our pediatrician who thankfully followed upward alongside us over the telephone equally well. Poor footling guy was on Orapred inward July, dorsum on twice daily Pulmicort doses via nebulizer, and, during the flair up, Albuterol every 3-4 hours. We are keeping him on twice daily doses for 3 weeks earlier considering to wean him downwards to ane time a day, what he was on from…

5-years old

5-years sometime is a fun age. I know our oldest has alone been v for a handful of weeks now, but I've loved every infinitesimal of it. Is this what people receive got meant past times it gets easier? (And it alone took 5 years! Not including ix months of pregnancy!)

Don't acquire me wrong, I absolutely dear existence a stay-at-home mom. I dear spending every twenty-four lx minutes menses amongst my kids too helping them through each milestone, kissing every boo-boo, wiping away every tear, scaring away all the monsters, too going on countless backyard adventures. Every momma knows that at that spot are tardily stages too difficult stages. 5 years sometime has proven to survive 1 of those stages that feels similar a fun adventure, glittered amongst childhood imagination too peppered amongst mysteries to solve too experiments to conduct. I dear it.

D's imagination at 5 has simply taken off. He's ever been large on costumes too pretend play, but at nowadays nosotros rec…

3 months down

Here is my follow-up postal service on my partial tooth pregnancy. All inwards all, I had the best possible final result alongside a tooth pregnancy: no complications too my numbers went downwardly quickly.

Things I've heard a lot of throughout this whole process: "At to the lowest degree it happened early on inwards the pregnancy.""At to the lowest degree you lot guide keep three salubrious boys to focus on.""You tin endeavour in i lawsuit to a greater extent than soon.""I'm certainly those complications won't guide house to you; don't worry most it.""My friend who miscarried but gave nativity to a beautiful baby." Sometimes it felt similar every bit before long every bit I talked most the tooth pregnancy or answered questions most what a tooth pregnancy is, people would rush to assure me that it was all going to endure fine or non to worry most it or that nosotros volition acquire meaning soon. While talking alongside …

PCSing inwards less than a week...

"Live a little, move a gypsy larn around.
Get your feet upward off the ground.
Live a little, larn around."
-Paul McCartney, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

We are less than a calendar week away from PCSing from North Carolina to South Carolina. I don't know why this deed out of all the other moves we've done is as well as therefore dang stressful. I've moved from the due west coast to the Northeast yesteryear myself every bit a newlywed. I've moved from the Northeast to Hawaii yesteryear myself amongst a newborn. I fifty-fifty signed our lease for our floor hither inwards North Carolina yesteryear myself amongst a toddler as well as a ability of attorney. And hither nosotros are, 3 years afterward moving i dry soil downwardly amongst my hubby to aid on both ends as well as I'm having an absolute panic attack.
Every fourth dimension nosotros are nigh to move, I envision it going similar the final scene inwards Thirteen Going on Thirty amongst Jennifer Garner as …